New York Times seeks out Mercer PR for comment on ‘Brand America’

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November 7, 2016

 Media Release

Managing Director of Mercer PR Lyall Mercer was one of several international voices quoted in a New York Times article that focused on the damage America’s election campaign is doing to the nation’s image across the globe.

Mr Mercer, who lived and worked in the US for almost seven years, had previously written that he believed “the American ‘brand’ – which once was seen as the pinnacle of leadership, freedom and prosperity – has taken a battering over the past eight years, ceding the international leadership role to Europe and Asia.”

He attributed the USA’s loss of reputation to “a combination of the Obama Administration’s foreign policies, the current presidential election race, continual gun violence and the increase in racial tensions.”

The New York Times piece, headlined “Forget the Cost to the Candidates. This Campaign’s Cost America More”, quoted the Aussie PR strategist as saying, “Much of the world is no longer in awe of you”.

The article continued:

Mr. Mercer noted that state lawmakers in Sydney had recently adopted a resolution by unanimous accord that described Mr. Trump as a “revolting slug.”

“Of course I understand this is about the candidate and not the country,” Mr. Mercer said. “But the very fact that they were willing to do this, with not one M.P. speaking against it — despite knowing they were ridiculing someone who could be the next president of our most important ally — I think speaks to the diminishing awe, or even respect.”

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New York Times seeks out Mercer PR for comment on ‘Brand America’